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· www.peephole-store.com          

· ia-tecs@hotmail.com  (preferred)

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· eBay (USA): iat101

· eBay (Canada): ia-tecs

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Where to buy our products?   You may buy our products using following methods.   Please click following logo to link to the store web sites. 


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1. Amazon & eBay Stores

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2. On-Line Shopping Store

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3. eMail ordering

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Note:1:  For using Payoneer, Western Union, or Bank Transfer payment method, please use email ordering.  Please contact us  ia-tecs@hotmail.com  for ordering and get a 2% off discounted price.  Please click logo for payment method for further information.


Note 2:   You may buy sample from our On-Line Shopping Store (Peephole-Store)  directly and using PayPal’s payment system. 

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you may just use your credit card for the payment and get PayPal’s buyer protection plan.


Note 3: We sell our products in eBay with good customer feedbacks.  If you have an eBay accountyou may buy samples from our USA eBay Store, or  Canada eBay Store. 



All products are with 3-month factory warranty. 


Return Policy:

· We accept items for full refunds within 30 days of purchase.

· The customer pays shipping for the returns.

· Products must be returned in the original condition as you received.