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Once you made order in our stores, we will ship correct (camera and plug) items to match your country TV, format and wall plug standard.

First of all, there are some basic knowledge we should know about  how a GPS tracker working.

· A GPS tracker only sending RF (radio frequency) signal to outside when the tracker is in active mode (which means the built-in RF transmitter is sending your location information real-time to someone who is spying on you)

· There are many people confusing with a GPS tracking device or a GPS navigation device is considered as a GPS tracker.  It is incorrect.  A GPS deice does not mean it is a GPS tracker.  A GPS tracker must have a built-in GSM transmitter

· For further information about different GPS tracking units, please read —>

· Please also be noted, there is no any detector in the market be able to detect a GPS tracker in a standby mode, it has to be in active mode for  detecting.

1. Regarding the camera’s TV format and wall plug when we ship them to you

2. Regarding a GPS tracker detector:  

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