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No need to buy the evaluation software

Double click the download xxxx.rar file


Door Camera Installation Guide

                                        iat101 Smart DIY Home Door Surveillance

In case there is any product installation questions or  adding any other additional accessories to a door camera matching your home surveillance system, please feel free to contact seller for details.  We shall be able to replying your message within 1-2 business days.  Please email us at   ia-tecs@hotmail.com


Please find your product installation guide in the following list.  We update installation guide occasionally

1. Detachable Door Camera product related:


Detachable Door Camera installation:    www.ia-tecs.com/download/document/IAT101_Detachable_Door_Camera.pdf


DVR-H installation manual and software:   a.) www.ia-tecs.com/download/DVR-H_manual.pdf

                                                              b.) www.ia-tecs.com/download/DVR-H.rar


Note: You have to uncompress (unzip) the DVR-H.rar file, after downloading.  Please read How to Unzip a xxxx.rar file using Win.RAR program

2. WiFi Door Camera product related:



3. Window Camera product related


Coming soon

4. USB Camera Product Related:





Note: You have to uncompress (unzip) the USB_DVR.rar file, after downloading.  Please read How to Unzip a xxxx.rar file using Win.RAR program

How to Unzip a xxxx.rar file using Win.RAR program


In case you are not familiar with or not sure what is a RAR file, please read its explanation:    www.rarlab.com/rar_file.htm


If you don¡¦t have a WinRAR program, you may also download the execution file, from our web link:  www.ia-tecs.com/download/WinRAR.exe


Note: The WinRAR.exe file is a free software there is no need to buy the software.  Please use following way to unzip a downloaded XXX.rar file.


For example:  You downloaded a file from our web link   www.ia-tecs.com/download/DVR-H.rar


A.) Firstly, find the download DVR-H.rar file in following folder.  We show you the usually download default folder.  In case your PC setting is different, you may have find the download file in your PC.  The default path would be in your C drive / Users /  (your PC name) / Downloads/ DVR-H.rar.  In our demo case would be   C drive / Users /  (your PC name) / Downloads/ DVR-H.rar


B.)  Double click  the downloaded DVR-rar file,


















C.)  The evaluation version WinRAR program should popup like following.  No need to buy this software.  Please click x sign to close the pop up little window


























                  You may click Explain to read the WinRAR program in further details.


D.)   Click uncompress (unzip)  button


























E.)  Click OK for save the uncompressed file folder (i.e. DVR-H to C:\Users\IAT101\Download\DVR-H )


























F:)   Finally, you should be able to find the downloaded  file.  (i.e. DVR-H file folder in to C:\Users\IAT101\Download\DVR-H)























G:)  Double click the DVR-H, and run the Setup.exe file for setting.  For further details, please read all information within the folder: English.