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Note 1: How to install a wired door camera without showing wiring on door  >>  Door Camera installation “showing no-wire” Demo

Note 2: Why a door bell cam need to improve it WiFi signal?  Click here to link

Note 3: Why a door bell cam is easy to break: Click here for >> YouTube Video News

Note 4: Why a door bell cam is vulnerable to professional criminals (hacked or blocked by WiFi signal Jammer): Click here to link

Note 5: Set up your own home private surveillance server.  please check our YouTube Demo Link

Door Camera Placement location of different products

Peephole  Door Camera



Door Camera w/ LCD



Doorbell Camera

Video output from a peephole door camera can be connected to monitor, DVR, WiFi video Transceiver or other device for home security system integrations

Smartphone or Wireless Router

Ultra-thin cable for easy DIY installation

Front door


Comparison Table between different Door Camera Solutions in the market



Product Category

1. Peephole Door Camera

with ultra-thin cable

2. Door Camera

with LCD Display

3. Doorbell Camera

with WiFi




product photo




Short descriptions

Peephole door camera fixed on door with power wiring to a wall plug inside a house.  

Door camera fixed on door with a LCD display at inner side of a door for viewing.  Powered by battery.

Placed near a door of a building's entrance , powered from wall wiring.  With built-in WiFi for smartphone viewing


· Can be connected to various device inside house such as LCD, DVR, and WiFi setup indoor for remote viewing capability, etc.

· Video signal is brought inside house with good privacy and security

· Come with various versions for different door hole size

· Nice clean-cut looking indoor

· Come with ring bell

· Standalone without wiring on door


· Come with ring bell

· WiFi remote viewing



· No sound and talk function yet


(Note1:  The new version door camera with ultra-thin cable allowing you to install the camera without showing wiring on door)

· Battery running out of charge easy, has to recharge very often

· Hard to tell door camera is broken or out of charge

· Have to walk to door to watch


· WiFi signal mainly transmitted at outside of a house.  Very often need a WiFi signal booster for getting stable video in door (Note 2)

· Easy to break  (Note 3)

· Vulnerable to professional criminals (Note 4)

Future integration for smart house internet of things (IoT) ?

Highly possible to integrating with home center and new developed IoT systems in a house. ( Note: 5)


Difficult to be integrated due to WiFi apk software compatibility to different IoT systems.