How to select your detachable door camera model

and its optional items ?

1.) Add Hard Disk?

If you select add a hard drive. We will pre-install a 500GB 2.5” SATA WD HDD for you.

Without a hard disk, this DVR can run and view video on monitor (TV and VGA monitor) or through internet normally , however without a hard disk, you can’t record and playback video. If you like to set motion detect recording that can send email alert with snapshot photo, you will need a hard disk.  We recommend a  500GB 2.5” SATA HDD.


2.) Add an optional 7” LCD Monitor Accessory?

If you like to use the DVR for smartphone remote viewing, you don’t need a TV or VGA display device.  However for the first-time setup, you will need a display device for DVR setting.  If you don’t have a TV or VGA monitor, you may buy our compatible 7” LCD monitor for DVR setup, and in-house viewing.  Available 7” LCD display device having following options.

文字方塊: 3.) Add a WiFi  VideoTransmitter (TX)?
For smartphone viewing, you will have to connect the DVR to an useable router with internet connection.  If sometime your internet router system are not stable or turn down very often, you may consider to add the WiFi video transmitter for WiFi smartphone viewing. 

This is WiFi system is for in-house smartphone viewing ONLY.  It will not work for remote viewing as you are in other city..  
If you add this WiFi  TX accessory and you also need a 7” LCD monitor, please select BLACK FRAME/ VGA INPUT monitor only.

WiFi Transceiver for in-house zone smartphone viewing 

(This is a standalone WiFi hotspot.  It is not link to any internet for long-distance WiFi remote viewing)

A basic detachable door camera DVR set will have the items shown in the following photo.  Click here for  door camera installation guide >> Detachable Door Camera Manual


Select optional accessories

wire connecting to DVR

c.) Select door camera case color. 

Available color including Beige, Black, White and Silver


a.) Select Peephole Viewer model

b.) Select door camera direction

Available camera direction including:  a. ) right-hand door   b.) left-hand door 

c.) button direction


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