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文字方塊: Once you made order in our stores, we will ship correct (camera and plug) items to match your country TV, format and wall plug standard.
文字方塊: First of all, there are some basic knowledge we should know about  how a GPS tracker working.
A GPS tracker only sending RF (radio frequency) signal to outside when the tracker is in active mode (which means the built-in RF transmitter is sending your location information real-time to someone who is spying on you)
There are many people confusing with a GPS tracking device or a GPS navigation device is considered as a GPS tracker.  It is incorrect.  A GPS deice does not mean it is a GPS tracker.  A GPS tracker must have a built-in GSM transmitter
For further information about different GPS tracking units, please read —>
Please also be noted, there is no any detector in the market be able to detect a GPS tracker in a standby mode, it has to be in active mode for  detecting.
文字方塊: 1. Regarding the camera’s TV format and wall plug when we ship them to you
文字方塊: 2. Regarding a GPS tracker detector:

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